Welcome to the Folk Heritage Museum located in Kawajangsa, in the heart of the capital city, Thimphu.The Folk Heritage Museum is within the walking distance of the National Library of Bhutan and the National Institute for zorig choesum (13 Traditional Arts). The Folk Heritage Museum dedicates itself to connecting people with the rich Bhutanese Folk heritage and rural history through exhibits, demonstrations, educational programs and documentation of Bhutanese rural life. The Museum will strive to disseminate the rich cultural heritage across generations by preserving it in different forms.

Music and dance from the Himalayas in coordination with RAPA and Tourism Council of Bhutan

The Folk Heritage museum organized this particular event themed as Music and Dance from the Himalayas in coordination with RAPA and Tourism Council of Bhutan on April 18th 2015, dedicating this event to the 60th birthday of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo as well as to the president and the founder ...

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Lolay – “NYILO” (Winter Solstice) of the Lunar Calendar

Lolay is a Festival, Usually performed on the Eve of the “NYILO” (Winter Solstice) of the Lunar Calendar to celebrate the New Year and the Annual Harvest, This year’s Lolay fell on January 2nd 2015.In the olden days groups of young children would be seen going from house to house ...

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The Live Thangka Exhibition

The Live Thangka Exhibition is also a calendared event of the Folk Heritage Museum to promote and showcase the highly regarded styles and work of Bhutanese scroll paintings. The Folk Heritage Museum hosted the Thangka Exhibition from 20 to 25th October, 2014. The week Long program organized by the Folk ...

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Live demonstration of the Museum

The one day program organized by the folk heritage museum highlighted the importance of preserving culture and tradition and keeping the originality alive .It will revel yesterday’s history through today’s work. The folk heritage museum involved the ongoing guide trainees from Bhutan International School of Hospitality and Tourism to ...

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