Museum activity updates(The museum offers more options for Live Demonstrations)

The Folk Heritage Museum provides various demonstrations to the guest with live preparation in the museum premises. These demonstrations will be facilitated to people more than 5 in number of a group. The following descriptions on various live demonstrations and their rates are given as follows.

These packages have been designed for more than five people and each individual will be charged   (20 $*1 Pax).If the following persons have more than seven people in a group two members will be allowed in a group to actively participate in the live demonstration as well as enjoy the delicacies being produced by themselves or the live demonstrator in the museum but the museum will only facilitate it to people consisting of five in a group.

1.Live demonstration of suja (Butter tea Making)

2.Live demonstration of shamdrey (Bhutanese ceremonial traditional rice( Shamdrey will be made with egg or beef)

3.Live Demonstrations of Ara Keyni (Production of local alcohol)

4.Live demonstration of Gondo Ara (Local wine mixed with butter and egg) or beef Ara (local wine mixed with beef and butter)

5.Live demonstration of Bangchang (cold local wine served from a transparent sieve in a container filled with fermented wheat and memja.

4.Live demonstration of singchang (local beers brewed from cereals such as wheat.barley, maize and millet)

Peanuts with Bhutanese spices will be served complementary.

5.Live demonstration of roasted rice (Zaw Ngoni)

6.Live demonstration of roasted rice with Bhutanese spices.

The visitors can also order and give designs for wool products (Yathra) and purchase it from the folk heritage museum where the yathra (wool Products) are being produced in the museum.

This is for all concerned Guides/visitors that all these live demonstration will also be available on all the other days if a reservation was made with the members of the museum prior one day before visiting the museum so that we can arrange proper seating arrangement and demonstration ready. Please contact 17337009/02327133 for reservations one day before the demonstration.


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