Folk Heritage MuseumShowcasing the skills of our rural people of the past centuries, upon entrance you will be welcomed with some of the products used by them. You will be able to see the Hearth for burning incense, water propelled stone mill for grinding grains, and Water propelled prayer wheel and finally the Fortress of the subterranean beings. These rural artisans were skilled based on necessities and these skills were passed onto the next generations who might make modifications based on new requirements. Their ability of transforming resources that were available during that time to ease the drudgery of work is truly magnificent.

Water Propelled Stone Mill

Water Propelled Stone Mill

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Fortress for subterranean Beings (Lubum)







Granding water Mill(Chuthag)

Grinding water mill(Chuthag)

Water-Paropelled Prayer Well(Chokhor Mani)

Water-Propelled Prayer Wheel(Chukhor Mani)