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Continuing the Tradition

 Live Demonstration of Ara Making, Weaving Yathra and Roasting rice

2nd  of September to 1st January 2018

In an effort to preserve and promote the unique tradition and culture heritage of our country, the Folk Heritage Museum is making the usage  of artifacts in demonstrating practically to help showcase to the rest of the world the life styles of rural  Bhutanese people and continuing the tradition that are passed from our ancestors or grandparents.

One of the numerous cultures and traditions that are alive is our traditionally fermented Ara (Local Wine), Roasting rice and Weaving Yathra. Bhutan’s very unique cultures which existed since many centuries and is still practiced sustaining a livelihood in rural Bhutan.

Yathra has been originated in the central Bhutan with high number of population rearing cattle’s and sheeps.These wool are then transformed into clothes known as yathra.These type of clothes are only woven in one district of Bumthang with a distance of 30 minutes drive away from bumthang in chumey.The museum will be demonstrating into producing yathra from the wool products into making Jackets, seat covers, hats and bags.

The Objective of the event:

  • To facilitate, engage, rural communities in developing the cultural industry.
  • To present these rich cultural aspect in the form of tangible cultural heritage to the people herby connecting and reaching out to people into dissolving the differences of cultural diversity.
  • To showcase and impart knowledge about our rich and unique tradition and cultural practices so as to keep them alive and vibrant for future times.
  • To promote the resources .skills, and rural products in the form of live demonstration.





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