»Calendared Events


The Folk Heritage Museum organizes various thematic exhibitions and events every year and few of the events have been selected as a calendared event because of its necessity and its important role it plays in reviving the culture and tradition. The folk heritage museum also involves participation of youth and also bringing out a spirit of volunteerism among the youth thus encouraging them and teaching them about the various festive events that were very much a part of the Bhutanese culture and existed along with the birth of Bhutanese civilization.


The Folk Heritage Museum organizes various events and exhibitions every year which includes:-

  1. Lolay (Coinciding with the winter solstice)
  2. Lhabsang and Rebusangchoe (Alternate full moons)
  3. The Live Thanngka Exhibition
  4. Music and dance from the Himalayas

These events include participation of the youth and also promote a voluntarism among the younger generation.